Tuesday, October 02, 2007

7'6" campbell 5 Fin Bonzer

Size: 7'6" X 21 X 2 3/4"

I bought this board second hand on a trip to California.

Its a solidly built board withResin Tints and full gloss and polish by Moonlight Glassing, a work of art. Flipping the board over you notice the massive concaves and array of 5 fins, with the runner side fins glassed on and a 7" box center fin.

Having read extensively on bonzers before purchasing, I realised they are very sensitive to fin placement(as are all multi fin systems) and I knew to overlap the center fin with the runners by 1/4".

The first couple of surfs in El Porto and Trestles were in junky surf and I didn't notice anything special. Next day we were lucky to get Sunset cliffs really clean and head high to overhead.

Man did this board take off, I was all over the face, it surfed incredibly well. I really couldn't believe a board that size could be so fast and loose. Talking to Rich Pavel the next day he looked me in the eye and explained in his dramatic way that the board is "Deceptively High performance".

Since then I've ridden this board in all situations, in any decent wave its my board of choice. I'd rather cut off my left testicle with a blunt knife than give up this board!

This is the benchmark against which all other boards are judged.

Rating: 5/5


Michael Na said...


how much? what about your left testi?

feel free to make an offer:


Kava said...

I was surfing in solid 6 feet hawaiian here on Maui.This guy paddles out ,I can tell right away he does not know how to surf.he is on a brand new Campbell bros.bonzer,looks like 7.6,7.8.I ask about it,he says he doesn't know a thing about the board,he just bought in a shop in YAKIMA!the guy gets creamed,and sent into the rocks .next day I see him on the beach,the board is all busted up,broken fins,rock holes on the bottom,nose all scrunched!I was sick to my stomach.

Burnsie said...

What a pity Kava. The one I reviewed came to the same end when the lease snapped on a triple overhead set. It went into the rocks. The biggest piece left was about 1ft

ingleside said...

I just got my 7'2" campbell bros egg, and am waiting for some solid surf. I rode it yesterday and it took some getting used to, as for the surf, it was small and mushy, so I will report after some better surf