Friday, October 12, 2012

8'1 Nugget Single fin

8'1" X 21 3/14 X 3 1/4. I had a few bucks in my pocket from the sale of a rusty thruster  and this comes up for sale near me this week. Karma or what. A pretty rare board here. I was always curious about single fin nuggets and I was stoke to get the opportunity to try one for a 1/4 of what downTheline surf shop would charge me for one. First off like most mccoys this board had tons of nose rocker and is  very much shortboard based in planshape rather than being close to a longboard. As such it does not have a whole lot going for it in fat waves other than its volume. Maybe the same can be said about longboards also. However once you get a bit of shape and size, this board is absolutely incredible.

First off the single fin setup showed me a completely new perspective on wave riding.  When you take the drop on a good wave on this board it just locks into the curl of the wave as if to say "Well what do you want to do now?". In a thruster it would already be driving up the face. so sitting in the curl you can just cruise, right there in the pocket and it will hold the perfect line or put her on a rail and destroy the lip. On a decent wave it becomes such a loose board with incredible hold and really feels like a much smaller high performance board. On a tubing wave there is no better board.

It does like a nice shaped wave to show it's true potential. If you are an older or heavier surfer who can still do the moves if only you can get a wave you will love this board.

Rating 5/5 Incredible.

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