Thursday, October 04, 2007

6'8"Larry Mabile Double Bump Twinzer

Size: 6'8" X 21" X 2 3/4

This was one big fish. I couldn't resist buying it as (1) it was a Larry Mabile hand shape and (2) it was a Twinzer which I had never tried.

A twinzer is in effect a twin fin board with a smaller fin in front of each side fin to clean up the water flow and make the board looser.

This board was soo fast down the line, particularly in small hollow waves. One session a couple of people even asked me what I was riding I was making so many unmakeable sections. The twinzer setup has deep double concaves like a bonzer and with the improved water flow around the fins it was really loose for a fish you could really snap it around even on the backhand.

Turns were so smooth they happenned really fast without loosing speed. I actually prefer a board like the Bonzer which projects you out of turns and I couldn't relate to that super smooth feeling. In bigger waves I preferred the bonzer as I love that feeling of acceleration out of a turn.

Though this board was about 8" too big for me it was really fun. I sold it on to a buddy who is 6'6" and built, and he is really enjoying this board.

If you are lucky to find a Larry Mabile shape go for it his boards are top class. With a Twinzer Fish something 4 - 6" taller than you is about right.

Rating: 5/5


Peter said...

I've been riding a 6'4 Larry Mabile Twinzer quite a bit lately too, as well as a 5'11 LM Classic Keel Fish.

I prefer the 6'4 with the quad setup actually, even though it was probably never intended to be. The drive you can get out of the turns is fantastic, but you can still get those loose twinzer-like top turns out of it if you want by placing your back foot further back a little.

I gave it a lash with H2 quad fins in it for the laugh but it was a dog of a board then. Amazing the difference fins can make to a four-finned board! If that was the first setup I had tried I would have completely written the board off.

the_sparrow's_tail said...

so i bought this board off burnsie and well I do really like it....that is until i borrowed my biddies 6'4" twinzer by Mabile while stateside... have to say the board was even looser and well just seemed a bit more fun... that said i have not ridden this one since i got back and after reading master burns review i might just have to give it another go before maybe selling it for a smaller fatter fish....i might just keep it though.

gustav said...

I bought a Larry Mabile 5'9 Twinzer from Mollusk NYC (what's up Mike) and the board is rad!I first surfed it at 3ft long Island lefts & couldn't beleive the speed the board generated with no effort on my behalf.I've since surfed in surf up to 5-6 feet and had some killer rides,the board snaps & slides in the pocket so nice aswell.The only drawback I think is that the board seems to skip out easily in the barrel....go pig dog defenitely...these are the sickest fishes out....Larry Mabile your'e a living legend...cheers for your innovative ideas....peace...Angus.

Anonymous said...

Twinzers can be ridden in a variety of sizes. If you want it to relate to your shortboard, order 2-4" shorter. I have a 5'4 and its freakin insane. Its like a little wave skateboard. My 5'10 Larmo is was a daily driver for 2 years. Can't go wrong witha board from him.

1125 Lorimer St. said...

I found a 6'6" Mabile Twinzer used at a shop in Narragansett. It was painted a homely brown, but I knew that board would work for me. I patched the dings and put a fresh coat of wax on it. It's my go-to board for most conditions now. Love the acceleration coming out of turns, love the hold and the fact that I can paddle into anything on it. Great boards -- if you have a chance to buy one, do it.

Peter said...

I have a 5'4 Larry mabile ghostbuster.
I'm 6'2 and 13 stone, its fast as hell

Unknown said...

Hey. Just looking for advice. Ive been ridding longboards and paddle surfing but would like to short bords... I found this larry twinzer. Think it might be to big for me. Im very athletic, 4'11. 107lbs... And we usually only see small to med waves here. This is a 7.0 22". Is this to big? Thanks.

Burnsie said...

Yes, waaaay to big start on something wide about 6'0"